Waikato Culture Park

About Us

Our Story

The Waikato Culture Park Limited is a Profit-for-Purpose Social Enterprise. We're proposing the development of New Zealand's next iconic destination, aiming to become a world-class indigenous culture and eco-tourism theme park based in "the Mighty Waikato - Where Magic Runs Deep"!

But, we're not only about building a theme park for commercial gain, we're also a Social Enterprise endeavouring to give back to our community and to build joy, hope and inspiration... and experiences we hope will become lifelong cherished memories for visitors, young and old, near and far.

We envisage the proposed Waikato Culture Park development will create a significant impact across the Waikato Region to potentially deliver multi-generational Social and Economic outcomes.

Three plus years in the making... the Waikato Culture Park is designed to become a family friendly destination featuring several unique attractions, education outside the classroom, food and entertainment, a showcase for Indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim, ancient Taniwha, environmental sustainability and more. Our unique themes emanate from indigenous love stories, ancient legends, the Waikato Maori and their entrepreneurial spirit. We are about celebrating and showcasing indigenous culture in joyous ways not seen before.

Cultural Preservation

Capturing and preserving the much loved stories and legends of the first nation indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim for generations to enjoy.

Indigenous Tourism

Celebrating the first nation indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim and sharing their stories, songs, dance, customs, food and traditions.

Environmental Sustainability

Caring for New Zealand, for our visitors and for ourselves, environmental sustainability is a top priority.