Waikato Culture Park

About Us

Our Story

The Waikato Culture Park Limited is a 'Profit for Purpose' Social Enterprise concerned with indigenous cultural preservation, cultural tourism, social tourism, environmental sustainability and indigenous economic development.

Our founders are part of the Poihi-Bush family, an indigenous Maori 'whanau' from the Waikato Tainui Tribe.

Ko Tainui te waka - the canoe of our ancestors
Ko Maungatautari te maunga - our mountain
Ko Waikato te awa - our river
Ko Waikato Tainui te iwi - our tribe
Ko Ngati te Kiriwai, Ngati Waenganui, Ngati Haua te hapu - our sub-tribes
Ko Poihi-Bush te whanau - our family

Almost 3 years in the making... The Waikato Culture Park is designed to become a family friendly cultural and eco-tourism attraction featuring education, food and entertainment showcasing indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim with the Waikato Maori at its heart, ancient Taniwha, and environmental sustainability. 

Our unique focus is in performing and telling indigenous love stories and legends with the Waikato Maori at our heart. We also value our deep spiritual connections with the first nation tribes who long ago journeyed back and forth across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.

The joyful experiences had here will no doubt become lifelong cherished memories. 

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Our mission

Our mission is two-fold: to create a world-class iconic indigenous cultural tourist attraction in the Mighty Waikato. We've built a robust and enduring business model to carry us into the next 50 years and beyond,..

In doing this we can create 220+ full-time jobs, work placements for High School students, 30 apprenticeships and internships for Tertiary students. In addition we will stimulate our local economy and provide social and economic benefits.

Our mission as a 'Profit for Purpose' Social Enterprise is to donate part profits from the Waikato Culture Park to be utilised under our social responsibility program through the L.E.NA. Foundation, a charitable trust set up to give back 'flax-roots' benefits to our indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim, and to local communities, schools and businesses that surround us.

We want to share love and hope with everyone but particularly with those who need it most, and that's our why... at the end of the day our key message is you are loved, you are enough and you're not alone.

Our Founder

Natalia Robson-Bush, Managing Director

Servant leadership, 30 years of international commercial business experience, laser-sharp focus, an insane work ethic, passion to go the distance and love for family, faith and hope are Natalia's key drivers to helping a long-held family dream come to life. 

Ko Poihi-Bush te Whanau
Ko Taheke Poihi Bush toku Papa
Ko Deanna May Robson toku Mama
Ko Natalia Robson-Bush toku ingoa
Kei Waikato Culture Park Limited ahau e mahi ana
No Kirikiriroa (Hamilton East) ahau

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Founder image

Our Fabulous Partners

Landy and Jordan Nonoa, TOPA

Landy and Jordan are the Founders and Directors of TOPA - the Talents of the Pacific Academy, based in Hamilton. They are incredibly talented experts and leaders in Performing Arts and Education in New Zealand.

Cultural Preservation

Capturing and preserving the much loved stories and legends of the first nation indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim for generations to enjoy.

Indigenous Tourism

Celebrating the first nation indigenous tribes of the Pacific Rim and sharing their stories, songs, dance, customs, food and traditions.

Environmental Sustainability

Caring for New Zealand, for our visitors and for ourselves, environmental sustainability is a top priority.