Eco-Paver for the Grand Boulevard

Waikato Culture Park

Buy and Donate an Eco-Paver to be laid in the Grand Boulevard. You will be invited to a special paver laying ceremony and party to celebrate!

Dimensions of each paver: 200mm x 100mm x 80mm 

Please ensure you provide us with your full name and contact details so you can receive your VIP invite.

Did you know?

According to Firth, the manufacturers of the eco-pavers, that they are quite possibly the hardest working paver in the world, as it does it's best work in the pouring rain!

Firth FlowPave is one of the paver options in the Firth EcoPave® System. The paver has enlarged nibs on all four sides which creates wider than usual gaps around each paver. This space allows water to filter through to the underlying drainage medium.

FlowPave is ideal for light to medium residential traffic areas including car parks. Nib spacers on the paver create wide gaps around paver to allow water drainage. Visit the Firth website to find out more or contact your local Landscaping Supplier.